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About Jacquie

Combine the humour of Carol Burnett, the holistic approach of Loretta Laroche, and the fun of Ellen Degenerous, and you get…Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian & E.I. Specialist.

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Jacquie Hermans is an Inspirational Comedian & E.I. Specialist, who provides the tools to strengthen Emotional Intelligence through interactive and laughter-filled stories and experiential learning opportunities.

Jacquie has trained extensively with Second City and has combined her love of improv with her employment background in corporate training and leadership development to create inspirational presentations that make an impact!

For the past 10 years, Jacquie has been working with clients such as RBC, TD Canada Trust, Novotel, OPG, CANDU and numerous municipalities, schools, retreat centres and hospitals.

Jacquie is also the Creator, Host and Producer for the award winning youth talk show RANT, which had 4 successful seasons on Rogers Television, across Ontario and New Brunswick and over 100 shows in the can.

Jacquie also has an online show called “Ignite Your Happy TV” with episodes available to watch on her website and is a weekly columnist for the Cosmos.  You can read her articles online www.cosmos.ca

You can stay connected with Jacquie through her online monthly newsletter and regular video blogs posted on Facebook “Light’n Up with Jacquie Hermans”

Jacquie’s Story

Jacquie came from a place of being in her head all of the time, stressing about conversations before she had them, not being able to sleep as she was worrying about what was going to happen the next day, and embarrassed when she was put on the spot and her lip quiver or eye twitch would emerge.

12 years ago, Jacquie’s Aha…moment came during her first Second City Improv Class She said to her…”Jacquie, it’s time to get over yourself!” It was the most perfect timing because now she was enrolled in improv, where you need to trust that you can handle whatever comes out of your mouth.

Every week during her improv classes her fears would come up: fear of failure, fear of the unknown and fear of judgment.  Jacquie gave herself strategies to change her thought patterns, because her thoughts were creating her stressed out reality.  What she didn’t realize at the time, was that she was teaching herself Emotional Intelligence.

After completing the first level of improv training, she was addicted to laughing and playing every week that she needed to sign up for the next level and next until she completed all 5 levels.  Improv combined with consciously changing her thought patterns helped Jacquie to trust in herself, better deal with the stressors in life, enhance her relationships and to have the confidence and courage to quit her job and to help other individuals to experience the same profound changes.

To inquire about Jacquie’s presentations, workshops, emceeing or one on one sessions call (905) 758-0565 or toll free 1-888-LAF-LOTS.

“She has so much energy that is overwhelmingly infectious. You can’t help but to be in a wonderful and positive mood along with her as soon as Jacquie enters a room.”

~ Tracy Parish