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Creative Thinking in Business

October 21st, 2014

How do we encourage creative thinking in our constricted, deadline and budget focused environments?

Written by: Jacquie Hermans

In the corporate environment where we have objectives to meet with tight deadlines and constricted budgets we are so engaged in our NEO-CORTEX and it can be impossible to get into our Limbic brain where the creativity happens. Our Limbic brain is our emotional centre…it’s where the creative juices flow, it’s where opportunities present, it’s where inspiration happens, new break throughs and solutions unfold.

When we are in need of creative solutions and inspiration rather than solving formulas, how can we access our creative flow? Or how can we inspire and motivate our teams to take our company to new levels of productivity/ingenuity?

Emotional Intelligence is a powerful soft skill that provides the awareness needed to shift our focus for creative thinking, to self-motivate and to positively impact the people around us.

Many studies have been emerging that prove the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace. In particular, a 3-year study done with “Amadori”, a European supplier of McDonalds, concluded that the managers who had the highest Emotional Intelligence had the highest productivity. After implementing E.I strengthening strategies in the company, they experienced a significant decrease in absenteeism and an increase in productivity and employee engagement.

Though it would be beneficial for all employees to receive Emotional Intelligence training, various studies have shown the critical organizational success factor lies within the need for managers to have high emotional intelligence. It is the managers who inspire their employees, who set the atmosphere and who can shift the energy when a meeting gets heated.

Managers with the ability to look within for opportunities for growth, have an increased ability to see the potential in others, to have compassion, to value others and to create limbic resonance, which is a harmonious, authentic environment where trust resides. Trust is an essential workplace element that enables employees to feel safe to fail.

Feeling safe to fail, opens the doors to opportunities, to creative solutions… to thinking out of the box.

© Jacquie Hermans, Light’n Up 2014

Will investing in E.I. training guarantee your employees will increase their emotional intelligence? As we are all unique individuals and we learn on our own time frame and we have our unique priorities as to what we are willing to shift and when, it is impossible to guarantee everyone to immediately shift. However, even a few individuals choosing to use the E.I. strengthening strategies will make a positive impact on the workplace environment. For some, the information may need too sit and percolate for a while, for others, immediate changes will occur. All shifts are positive and exponential. Everyone’s growth on their own time frame will positively affect the people around them and so on and so on. Investment in emotional intelligence means an investment in workplace productivity, in employee satisfaction and holistic health and wellness decreasing absenteeism.

Written by: Jacquie Hermans E.I. Specialist

About Jacquie Hermans

Jacquie is an Inspirational Comedian and E.I. Specialist. Jacquie’s unique skill set ensures her clients receive concrete information, they’ve had a great time learning and they leave inspired. Jacquie created her company Light’n Up, 10 years ago and has been teaching E.I. to a variety of organizations, from hospitals, to banks, hotels, municipalities and schools. Jacquie not only provides researched based facts, but also offers humour, story telling and experiential learning opportunities to enhance the overall learning experience, while providing classroom scenarios that can strengthen emotional intelligence during her sessions.

For more information on the courses/ keynotes Jacquie offers visit www.lightnup.ca or call (905) 758-0565, toll free 1-888-LAF-LOTS

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