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Do you tend to be scattered? Not achieving your goals?

June 24th, 2010

I always analyze my dreams. I receive amazing insights for personal growth. A couple of days ago I had a dream that helped to answer the question.. Why do other amazing opportunities always pop up and take my attention away from what I thought was supposed to be my priority.

Do you experience this? I am a very open person. I never want to miss an opportunity and I try to be open to what others have to offer. What my dream illustrated was that my personality type loves change. Being in a routine gets boring and frustrating so when a new and exciting opportunity comes up..it’s like YEAH!! Something fun to do!

I tend to let other peoples ideas/opinions distract me and sometimes alter my direction all together. What I need to do is look within. What truly feels right to me. Trust my instinct. If others will be offended that I haven’t taken their advice. That’s their ‘stuff’.

We all need to make decisions best for us.

If you get off track and are itching to make a different decision – don’t allow the fear of letting others down, or looking too wishey washey stop you from moving forward.

What is your heart saying now? Do it!

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