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Getting into the FLOW

October 21st, 2014

Written by: Jacquie Hermans

Do you find yourself THINKING about the phone calls that still need to be made, the laundry to be done or how baskets would nicely organize the books on your shelf during intimate relations with your partner?  While playing with your kids, is part of your mind planning dinner, shopping lists or worrying about all the things that need to get done before taking the kids to their rec. program?

It’s normal for us to be on some level, in constant RESPONSIBILITY mode. The detriment of this is congestion that happens on an energetic level in our bodies.

You might have heard the term CHAKRAS before, or not. It’s okay either way.  As a basic definition…We are all made up of energy, just like plants, animals, minerals, planets etc…  As humans we have various energy centres that feed our physical bodies, along with our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Our 2nd chakra is located two inches below the navel.  It resonates the colour orange and it feeds our sexuality, creativity, intuition, self-worth along with fueling our kidneys, large intestines, bladder and female sexual organs.

When this chakra is congested or sluggish you may have a lack of sex drive, or be obsessed with thoughts of sex, you could simply feel sluggish, have a stiff lower back, be constipated and/or have a weakness in your kidneys.

Creativity and PLAY are brilliant ways to rebalance your sexual chakra, elevate your JOY and get you into the FLOW of abundance, increasing your vibrancy and overall HAPPINESS.

A great way to rev things up is to listen to music that makes you smile.  Compile a playlist of songs that when you listen to them they raise your vibration meaning they make you feel happier, they pump you up!  Immersing yourself in music is a powerful way to shift your energy, opening your creativity, balancing your sexual drive and releasing the congestion created by too much thinking.  Listen to music daily, especially when you need to accomplish a chore you dislike.  I enjoy cleaning the house now because I have music playing through my headphones.

Unleash that Creativity!

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Jacquie Hermans is an Inspirational Comedian and an Emotional Intelligence Specialist. Jacquie offers Keynotes, Workshops, Retreat, Emcee Services and One on One Presentation Coaching. you can connect with Jacquie via her website www.lightnup.ca


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