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Ignite Your Happy TV

Jacquie Hermans is the Host, Creator and Producer of the online show called Ignite Your Happy TV.  The purpose of the show is to raise your vibration and increase your happiness by providing you with tools/strategies to make positive changes in  your life, or simply getting you to LAUGH.

You can subscribe to our You Tube Channel “Ignite Your Happy TV”

If you know of someone who would be great for the show they can pitch their topic by emailing laugh@lightnup.ca or calling (905) 758-0565
If you would like to support the making of this show, please feel free to make a donation. 

 This page not only includes episodes from the show, but also some fun improv performances to tickle your funny bone.

Bolanda’s Fashion, Health and Beauty Boutique


The Triptych Lounge performers enjoy a

Ignite Your Happy TV – shifting your energy

The Triptych Lounge Comedy Improv
Troupe performs a ‘Whose Line’ scene

Whose Line is it Anyway MARCH 20

Found ART with Louisa Tartelli

Angela Horne, Intuitive Counsellor

Jack Miller, Holistic Education

Joanne Burgess, Virtually Yours

Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian,
shares why laughter is important and
encourages you to do so with her Live
Right Now challenge.

Nadia Torfs -Zumba Decreases Anxiety

Jacquie Hermans Light’n UP Expert explains
how creativity helps you to deal with what
live dishes you. It’s time to Light’n UP.
Find out more by watching Jacquie’s LIVE
RIGHT NOW challenge.

Triptych Emotional Rollercoaster

Cathy Nesbitt, Solving World Hunger

Brandy Rose and Belly Dancing

Cathy Nesbitt, Sprouting for Health

Jen Mark, Athletic Therapist

Angela Horne, Moving Your Business Forward

Angela Dacey, JOY and ORANGE

Gord McCallum, Life Coach