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See if you can tell when a cat walks on our set during the Persistence Pays interview.


  •  Sisters of Sizzle, Seattle with Hosts Elise and Jill – Listen Now (2nd Interview)
  • Extraordinary Women with Host Shannon Skinner: Interviews Jacquie on ThatChannel.com – Watch Video
  • Living in the Moment CIUT 89.5 with Host Leigh Anne Saxe – Listen Now

CBC “Live Right Now”

Uxbridge Cosmos: For more great stories in the Cosmos visit http://www.thecosmos.ca 

May21Part 1 I did it!
May21 part2 I did it
May14Cosmos Protein shake again?
May7 part 1 parents of the year

May 7 Cosmos Parents of the year part 2

May 7 parents of the year part 3
April 30 cosmos Arg! My Body!
April 23 Things dont go your way Part1
April 23 when things dont go your way part2
April23 when things dont go your way part3
April 16 You Owe Me Cosmos
April 16 You Owe Me Cosmos Part 2
April 16 You Owe Me Part3
April 2 Inner Critic part 1
April 2 Inner Critic Part 2
April 2 Inner Critic Part 3
Cosmos Feb12 part1

Cosmos feb12 part2

cosmos Feb5






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Acting Demo and Other Clips


Interview at Maunders

Jacquie’s One Woman Show “What the Heck Am I Doing?”

“Elevate Your Joy Factor” video blog : Not reaching your goals fast enough?

Improv Scene “Whose Line”: Chocolate

Ignite Your Happy TV: Episode 2

The Naked Hairdresser

Bruno Mars…for the hearing impaired

Bolanda The Interior Decorator