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Thinking of a New Year’s Resolution?

October 21st, 2011

Why not commit to being happy?

Do you enjoy getting frustrated at your co-workers, friends, spouse or kids?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to take things with stride?

Having compassion for everybody in your life would certainly make a drastic positive impact on your happiness. There are certain people in my life that are really good at pushing my buttons. The days I feel rested and have balance in all areas of my life, I tend to handle ‘those’ individuals with ease.

However, after a night of not much sleep, a week with little exercise or play and food that’s make me feel sluggish – I’m cranky, on edge and don’t handle the ‘button pushers’ very well.

Sometimes I out right lose it!

When my four year old, starts a tantrum because of something totally insignificant (in MY mind, of course) and I’m on the cranky side – the frustration that wells up inside me is unbelievable. Sometimes I can still keep my cool on the outside but my angry energy is spewing from me. Is this healthy for me? Nope! Is this healthy for my relationships? Nope!

A few weeks back both of my daughters were losing it in the van on the way to swimming lessons because they wanted their daddy to drive them. Both kids were screaming uncontrollably and as loud as can be. I knew they needed to get it out of their systems and nothing I could say at this point would help. I was exhausted with not much sleep for a couple of weeks at this point and the frustration was welling up inside me. I turned up the music to try to drown out their screaming, that didn’t work. In my distorted frustrated reality I thought shocking them might work so I opened both front windows and thought the blast of cold air would work. This only made my youngest one more angry because she couldn’t hear the music anymore. I closed the windows turned down the music and simply breathed and drowned them out with my own calming breath. After about 5 more minutes they finally stopped and the van was once again in peace.

It’s my choice to stay in whatever emotion ignites within me. Why not do whatever I can to be able to deal with whatever is thrown at me?

So for my New Year’s Resolution or I’ll call it my Life’s Resolution I will strive for balance. Yes, life happens – we get busy, we lose it sometimes, but if I strive to do the best I can with keeping balance, I am committing to my happiness.

Gift yourself with happiness – you deserve it! If you want to be happy you can be. Ensure you are fueling yourself with what YOU need to be happy and healthy. No one else can tell you what you need, you have to look within and discover the authentic YOU.

Communicate to your family members what type of support you need to be able to follow through with your ‘Happiness’ commitment. It’s up to YOU to be happy. So take charge and make it happen.

If you need any help to flip those thought-patterns call me (905) 758-0565.

Written by: Jacquie Hermans – laugh@lightnup.ca

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