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Along with entertaining and inspirational presentations Jacquie provides an energizing and laughter-filled emcee experience. Jacquie can provide interactive ice-breakers to warm up the crowd, she can seamlessly link and reinforce key messages and she can provide an inspirational talk related to the theme of your conference or event.

Other Services Include:

  • Creating and/or  Hosting a Panel Discussion
  • Interview chosen experts “Talk Show Style” on Bolanda’s T.V. Show (one of Jacquie’s Characters) “Ignite Your Happy TV”.  This segment comes with theme music along with a TV show video intro.

Video:  Jacquie Emceeing at the Georgina Chamber of Commerce Gala Awards Dinner.  Footage courtesy of YRNG

Jacquie Hermans magically creates a lively atmosphere of fun and masterfully takes your guests on a ride engaging them in your event. Her combination of interactive group warm-up activities, inspirational messages, and silly characters make her a unique entertainment package.

“Saturday Night Live has nothing on her!  She’s a walking one woman show wrapped up in a beautiful package! We’re so impressed with her stage presence and talent she’s always our first choice!”- Sher St. Kitts, Kitts Entertainment.


“Your extraordinary upbeat, energetic and witty contribution added such a great dynamic to the conference” - Harinder S. Takhar, Minister