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Looking to ENGAGE & INSPIRE?

Inspirational Comedian & Emotional Intelligence Specialist Jacquie Hermans, offers a variety of presentations perfect for your next Conference, Corporate Training Day, Lunch and Learn.

Jacquie Hermans came from a place of being in her head having conversations several times with herself before attempting the real human interaction. She had sleepless nights worrying about what “might” happen.  If Jacquie were put on the spot, even to simply introduce herself in front of a group, she would get the annoying and oh so embarrassing eye twitch and lip quiver.  The combination of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and improv training set Jacquie on a course of confident, courageous resilience.  Using humorous story telling and experiential learning, Jacquie teaches E.I. Strategies to create resonant leaders along with happier more productive work environments.

She was energizing the moment she walked in the door! The strategies Jacquie provided for building effective relationships will make a powerful impact for your work environment.”
Janice Baynham, Director, South Lake Regional Health Centre

Office Wisdom

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

 Looking for an Inspirational Keynote that will make a positive impact on your work environment?  This is it!

(Keynote, Workshop, Lunch and Learn: As a Keynote this presentation is optimal as 1.5 hrs)

calmbusinesswomanThis laughter-filled and interactive session is perfect as a Keynote Presentation, Lunch and Learn and Employee Training Session.  Your employees/delegates will learn E.I. concepts and strategies that can be used for enhancing their emotional intelligence while decreasing stress and increasing resilience, self-regulation and productivity.

This presentation can be adapted to be geared towards, LEADERS, TRAINERS, MENTAL HEALTH, SALES or for a GENERAL AUDIENCE.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

The Objectives of this Session Include:

  • To become familiar with the concept of “emotional intelligence”
  • To gain an understanding of the power of energy and how it affects you and all of your interactions
  • To understand the integral relationship of thoughts, emotions and energy to determine your emotional intelligence
  • To have a simple processes for creating energy for optimal health and performance (strengthening your E.I.)
  • To provide knowledge as to how E.I. enhances productivity in the workplace, or enhances training delivery or ___________(provide us with how you want us to relate E.I. to your work environment).
  • To have FUN!

Requirements: LCD Projector, Laptop, Screen (Jacquie brings her MAC and adaptors, along with an LCD projector as a backup).  This session can be adapted for a theatre style room set-up, however it is most effective with table rounds of 6 or more people per table. Having an open space at one end of the room is an added bonus, but having at least room for the delegates to safely walk around the tables for one of the activities would be perfect.   Jacquie’s preference is a cordless mic or headset, however she can work with a lapel or long corded mic.  Having additional mic’s for volunteers to use will be necessary for large rooms with poor acoustics  (2 – 5 mic’s for volunteers to use or share)

_oakdale“She had the staid, conservative, button down group of Club Managers in hysteria rolling in the aisles.”

Herb Pirk – G.M., Oakdale Golf and Country Club

“Hello Jacquie, I enjoyed your HRPA presentation on Emotional Intelligence last night. It was informative, funny and a lot of fun!”  Maria Zedessenko, Recruitment Consultant at IHR Inc.

“Thanks for educating and inspiring our team and finding a way to weave in the V!VA brand so effectively!” Danny, V!VA

The concepts used with in the E.I. programs are from well known psychologists in the field: Dr. Richard Carlson, lifetime expert in happiness and stress reduction, Albert Mehrabian, Professor of Psychology, UCLA, has become known best by his publications on verbal and nonverbal messages. His findings include the 7%-38%-55% rule, John D Mayer and Peter Salovey, two of the leading researchers on the topic of E.I. and of course Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence:  Why it Can Matter More Than IQ. 

Change Management Survival Package

happybusinesspeopleChange can be incredibly stressful and can impact your absenteeism and turn over rates. Jacquie Hermans can help with her stress busting “Change Management Survival Package.”

Book Jacquie for a half, full day or retreat filled with inspiration and teambuilding while she provides (E.I.) Emotional Intelligence strategies and experiential learning opportunities. Your team will increase resilience, optimism, E.I. and will learn how to SHIFT their bad days into productive days where they can creatively problem solve while expanding beyond their comfort levels.

Jacquie customizes the “Survival Pkg.” to cater to your organizations unique needs. Choose from the following options or work with Jacquie to create your own focused pkg.:

  • 1.5 hour Keynote “Office Wisdom” Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (Interactive, FUN, & informative)
  • Half Day or Full Day Emotional Intelligence Intensive: filled with laughter-filled experiential learning activities, group work and E.I. strategies for the workplace. See description below.
  • Interactive Game Show: Hosted by “Bolanda”, one of Jacquie’s wacky characters with a big bad wig and Eastern European accent . The game show features three contestants at podiums with buzzers who will have the answers to the questions Bolanda will ask them that are related to your organizational challenges with a laughter-filled spin.
  • Interactive Talk Show “Ignite Your Happy TV”: Bolanda, Jacquie’s wacky Eastern European character is also the host of this talk show. She will interview 3 chosen employees about your topic of choice. The interview can focus on achievements mixed with the challenges, embarrassing moments, coping strategies, opportunities and overall will have the spin of “Getting Happy”, “Seeing the lighter side of the situation”, or “we can do this!”
  • Panel Discussion: Jacquie or “Bolanda” can host a panel discussion on the topic of your choice
  • Retreat: Create the retreat right for your leadership team. The typical retreat would be 2 nights and 3 days and would be a mixture of interactive workshops with a focus on Emotional Intelligence geared towards your chosen objectives and can include a variety of teambuilding and individual activities such as yoga, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, swimming, painting, geo-caching and more.
  • 1.5 Hr Leadership Workshop “Change Management” See course description below.

“Thank you for taking all of our feedback and creating a program for our Team Members that’s engaging, relevant and fun! Well done and welcome to the V!VA Family” Michelle

“Thank for your positive energy and for bringing people back to life! You are simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g!”                       Roksolana Lobur, H.R. Professional

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Emotional Intelligence Intensive

(Workshop – Half Day, Full Day, Retreat:  This presentation can be geared to Trainers, Managers, or to your specific industry)

You know those days when you feel so energized and pumped…wouldn’t you want your business to be driven by that same vibrant energy? An awareness of your actions and feelings and how they affect you and the people around you is a key element to effective communication and productivity.  Moreover, an understanding of what motivates people and its connection to Emotional Intelligence, (E.I.), is the perfect complement of knowledge for productive and vibrant work environments.  This training offers a practical application of E.I. in the workplace, to assist in dealing with emotions and energy that disrupt the opportunities to effectively meet organizational goals.

This interactive training session examines:

  • The relationship between thoughts, emotions and energy,
  • The key elements to strengthening Emotional Intelligence (E.I.),
  • The impact of E.I. in the workplace,
  • The “REAL” message delivered beyond words,
  • Emotional Transference,
  • Techniques used to prepare for emotional business discussions,
  • Key motivational factors,
  • Case studies where high E.I. improved productivity,
  • Driving your organizational energy to a new high !

Requirements: LCD Projector, Screen, Laptop, Flip chart paper on Stand, Markers.  This session is most effective if offered in a room that offers an open area for group participatory activities OR delegates/employees at table rounds of 6 or more.  If you have a large group, Jacquie will require a lapel mic or headset, along with one or if possible, two cordless mics for demonstrations.

The Resonant Leader

teamworkTo be a “Resonant Leader” is to have a deep appreciation for your team, to value the diversity in skills, to authentically engage with team members while consciously having an awareness of your thoughts and emotions and how they affect you and the people around you. Leaders within the organization set the tone.  To have a productive and innovative workplace where employees are motivated to “achieve”, creating resonance should be a number one priority.

  • become familiar with the concept of “Resonant Leadership”,
  • gain an understanding of the power of energy and how it affects you and all of your interactions,
  • understand the integral relationship of thoughts, emotions and energy to determine your emotional intelligence,
  • learn simple strategies for creating energy for optimal health, performance and resonance,
  • understand why being a Resonant Leader is important for a healthy, productive environment.
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Drafting Your Rules

                                                                                                                                                                                 …Tuning into You

Wheel of Life Coloured

(Great as a lunch and learn or workshop 1- 2 hours: CAREER SATISFACTION & GOAL SETTING)

Join Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian and Emotional Intelligence Specialist for an interactive session that will help to you tune into your passion, expand the energy and excitement within your career and to set professional and personal goals to realize this new reality.

This entertaining session will include Demonstrations to reinforce:

  • strengthening your emotional awareness
  • Simple guided meditation to tune into your passion
  • Activity: “Wheel of Life” to explore your current satisfaction within your career (if more time is allotted we can explore other areas of your life).
  • Goal setting activity using “S.M.A.R.T Goals” to further expand your passion
  • Strategies for increased emotional awareness to realize your goals


The “Bored” Room Needs to Light’n Up


(Great workshop for leaders & trainers 1+ hrs)

I bet you’ve been to those dry, serious meetings or presentations where you felt like your life was sucked right out you. You can help shift the energy from ho hum to wha hooooo! Here’s your workshop to beat the boredom and to kick off your meetings/presentations with activities that will energize your participants, unleash their creativity, enhance problem solving and will open their conceptual minds to the opportunities that are available. Who wouldn’t want to work with individuals that are creatively “Open” to the possibilities? You can inspire and energize your team’s creative juices by implementing these FUN, laughter generating activities at the beginning of your meetings or presentations. You can help your team to Light’n Up! 

Images courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Laugh it Up!

officeA great “Lunch’n Learn” or 8wk program for your employees!

(Book Now for 2015/2016)

Create Vibrant, Productive Energy in the Workplace. 

Help your employees to make positive connections.

Using LAUGHTER, PLAY and improv-based activities to build healthy teams, increase creative problem solving, enhance optimism and resiliency.

Your team will strengthen their…

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptability
  • Compassion to Embrace Diversity
  • Optimism
  • and overall will enhance their ability to develop Resonant Leadership Skills.

Length: 1 – 2 hours (stand alone or 8wk program)

Designed for: Managers, Trainers, Sales, Medical Field, Telecommunication, Front Line Staff, General Audience (we will cater the program to meet the needs of your organization).

Powerful Presentations

(Book as a 1 or 2 day course or retreat)

We have all sat through the, “Worst Presentation Ever!”  …the one that you struggle to keep your eyes open, the one you could have taught yourself by reading the handouts, the one that was so dry and technical, you would rather stare at a leaf then endure the presentation any longer.  There are even top executives that deliver presentations like these.  This fun-filled, energizing and interactive 2-day course offers strategies and practical experience to bring your presentations to a whole new level of engagement.


DAY 1   “Presentation Skills”

Effective presentation tools, confidence, along with your ability to engage  and inspire your audience are the core attributes of a great presentation.  Join Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian and Emotional Intelligence Specialist for  a FUN, Interactive and “Presentation” changing day.  You will learn how to adapt your presentations so you can Drop Your NotesSpeak From Your Heart & Engage your audience.

  • Review of the “Worst Presentation Ever!”,
  • Preparing your presentation,
    • Power Point Tips
    • The Rule of 3
    • Less is More
    • Objectives
    • Creating presentation notes that encourage speaking from your heart
  • Platform skills
    • Using your authentic voice
    • Warming up your audience
    • Using story telling and interactive activities to enhance learning and retention
    • Writing a 3-5 minute story that enhances a presentation topic
  • Improv activities to build your confidence and enhance your ability to Speak and Think on your feet.

Day 2    “Speak on Your Feet Boot Camp”

Don’t hide behind the Podium…Own it!

Ready to captivate and engage your audience? Would you like to be able to flow in the moment and weave your presentation with the needs of your audience?  Are you interested in increasing your ability to deal with whatever obstacles you are faced with?
Engaging in improv based activities while strengthening your emotional intelligence makes this course a powerful and unique experiential learning program for enhancing your presentation skills along with the confidence and courage to fly with the moment.
In improv, you need to trust you can deal with whatever comes out of your mouth and trust you can creatively work with whatever comes out of someone else’s mouth.  Emotional Intelligence is having an awareness of your actions and emotions and how they impact you and the people around you.  Harnessing those combined concepts will take your presentations to a whole new impact level!

  • Participate in improv-based activities and debriefings to:
    • Practice reacting in the moment within a non-judgmental, safe environment,
    • Strengthen your emotional intelligence by bringing awareness to your emotions during activities,
    • Enhance story telling
    • Trusting in your ability to think and speak on your feet
    • Creatively using the tools available
    • Dealing with difficult people
  • GROUND, FOCUS AND FLOW: Preparation to shift your thoughts and energy for creating an optimal learning environment,
  • Group Meditation Exercise with the intention to release a fear (or fears) associated with presenting/performing in front of a group,
  • Practice and Critique: you will have an opportunity to present a 3-5 minute story that will be video taped (for your personal critique / a link will be sent to you using “dropbox”) and your classmates will use an evaluation form to provide you with constructive feedback to enhance your future presentations.
    • You will be evaluated on Audience Engagement
    • Providing a brief summary or objectives at the beginning
    • Use of voice (emotion, tone, projection)
    • Eye contact
    • Speaking authentically from your heart
    • Body language
    • Effective use of stage
    • Overall stage presence
    • Conclusion/Wrap-up
  • Learn fun ice-breakers that can be used to warm up your audience for learning.

angelasGREATheadshot“I have definitely gone from a place of needing complete preparation to get up in front of an audience to spontaneously jumping up unprepared.”  

Angela Dacey, Professional Speaker & Colour Strategist




Change Management

(Keynote, Workshop, Lunch and Learn 60 – 90 min. and Half-Day)

Change ManagementThe one thing that is guaranteed in business is CHANGE.  In order to implement successful change you need to understand your employees to strategize the roll out and to appreciate the integral role of the leader in setting the organizational thermostat for failure or success.

Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian and Emotional Intelligence Specialist has created this interactive and engaging keynote to elevate the effectiveness of your change implementation strategies.

Image courtesy of freedigitalimages.net

The Objectives of this Session:

  • * To understanding why we can resist change,
  • * To review “Reactions to Change” (includes experiential learning exercise)
  • * To gain an appreciation for the role of the leader when implementing change,
  • To learn how to optimize employee motivation through your communication strategy.
  • * To gain tools for dealing with external and internal judgments,
  • To illustrate the importance of “Celebrating Incremental Successes” while providing implementation tools,
  • * To have FUN while learning through interactive demonstrations and story telling.

Keynote topics have an * beside the objective bullet.

 As a half-day session, it includes group work activities for organizational preparation.

“A reluctance to explore your inner landscape not only weakens your own motivation but can also corrode your ability to inspire others.” 

The Harvard Business Review (2003)

Innovative Leadership

(Keynotes, Workshop, Lunch and Learn 60 – 90min and Half-Day)

InnovativeLeadership“Innovative Leadership” is truly embracing the diversity of your employees, appreciating what motivates them, and knowing how to engage them, along with effectively using Emotional Intelligence to create resonance and trust. Join Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian and Emotional Intelligence Specialist in this interactive and engaging session where she’ll share concepts you can use to inspire increased productivity and innovation.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Objectives of the Session:

  • To define Innovative Leadership,
  • To gain an appreciation for the importance of embracing the various personality types,
  • To understand what motivates your employees,
  • To value the role of emotional intelligence (E.I)
  • ✪ To understand the integral relationship between E.I., employee engagement and innovative leadership (Review of a Case Study),
  • To understand what “Resonant Leadership” is and its relevance to Innovative Leadership,
  • To recognize the importance of creating TRUST to encourage innovation,
  • To provide fun, interactive opportunities to learn the material on an experiential level.

All but one of the above objectives are included in the KEYNOTE presentation.  The bullet with the is included in the HALF-DAY session including lots of group activities to strengthen your “Innovative Leadership.”


Creativity and Innovation

(Keynote, Workshop, Lunch and Learn 60 – 90 min.)

InnovationCreativity is the combination of knowledge, curiosity and imagination, and Innovation is applied creativity. If having knowledge doesn’t guarantee creativity, how can we harness it to create innovative new services, products and processes?  Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian and Emotional Intelligence Specialist will further define creativity and innovation, apply it to organizational success and will share strategies to enhance your creativity. Jacquie’s presentation will also provide you with an opportunity to unleash your own creativity!

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Objectives of the Session:

  • To understand the differences between Creativity and Innovation,
  • To be inspired to apply Creativity and Innovation to expand on opportunities for your business,
  • To gain an appreciation of the “Creative Collective” and learn how to feed it with inspiration and employee engagement,
  • To learn how  get those“Aha” Moments faster… those juicy ideas that amplify the success within your project
  • You’ll understand the application of the “FLOW theory” to your own CREATIVITY (ie. problem solving abilities, optimism, openness to new ideas, relationship development, innovative ideas)
  • To provide fun opportunities to unleash your creativity,
  • To share strategies for enhancing and maintaining the flow of your creative juices,.


Prepared to Improvise

(60 minute – Great as a Lunch and Learn, Networking Event or an Introductory Training Session)

…Strategies for creating Confidence, Focus and Flow for your presentations and networking experiences.


Life throws you curve balls and you need to be prepared…prepared for the presentation, ready to answer any questions, ready to network brilliantly. Jacquie will provide you with concepts and tools to use for unprepared brilliance.

Jacquie came from a place of anxiety from the fear of failure, judgment and fear of the unknown. The combination of Second City Training and Emotional Intelligence strategies helped Jacquie to overcome her fears and to embrace the unknown with confidence, courage and trust with the natural creative flow that resides within all of us.

Within this interactive and FUN presentation, Jacquie will provide you with tools to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for the “Unknown”. She will also reinforce the integral role emotional intelligence plays in creating successful results in all of your interactions and will offer strategies to enhance your Emotional Intelligence in relation to your presentations.  You will also learn about the “Power of your Personal Energy” for creating an optimal environment.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide you with tools to prepare you for a presentation with the intention of creating FOCUS, CONFIDENCE, & FLOW within the moment,
  • To understand and use the power of your personal energy,
  • To define emotional intelligence (E.I.) and relate the integral role E.I. plays within successful presentations.
  • To offer strategies for enhancing your E.I. in relation to creating engaging presentations.

WATCH VIDEO FROM “Positively Fabulous Women” Networking Event 



“Thanks again for a great class! I really came away feeling inspired and more confident about speaking in front of groups.” 

Lynn Burkholder



Engage Your Millennials

with Inspiration and Interactive “On-boarding” training

You will learn how to engage and motivate your staff to be innovative leaders?

Jacquie will share several strategies to create impactful training sessions with the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to create resonant relationships within the workplace,
  • Using music and games to engage their logical, creative and social selves.
  • Gain an understanding about various learning styles and how to ignite them during training sessions,
  • Experience activities that engage various learning styles while building a strong team.
  • Have FUN while expanding your own CREATIVITY.

Corporate Leadership Planning

(Half Day Workshop)

It’s hard to believe, even when there’s a corporate vision, many companies lack divisional or managerial vision. The resistance to change our understanding what an individual’s mission is, within a company, is easily forgotten or lost.  This leadership training outlines the steps required to create a corporate Vision & Mission statement and examine the need for departmental mission statements. You’d be amazed at what exactly drives your business and what your employees believes their mission is.
Corporate Leadership Training offers:

  • Basic principles of business management.
  • Know your business.(Swiss Army Knife of Marketing)
  • Theory “G” to Business Management
  • Examining your existing corporate Vision & Mission Statements.
  • Preparing a Vision & Mission Statement.

Team Building  (1hr +)

(Workshop, Retreat)

teamplayerWe create the length and experience you are looking for based on your organizational needs. From low ropes experiential learning activities, to improv, geo-caching and even bridge building. Our team building sessions are guaranteed fun and will provide your staff with the tools to enhance the workplace.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Objectives of the session can include but are not limited to strengthening:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Safety Awareness
  • Productivity
  • and to Inspire and Motivate




“She had the staid, conservative, button down group of Club Managers in hysteria rolling in the aisles.”

Herb Pirk – G.M., Oakdale Golf and Country Club



Perfectly Absurd

(Workshop/Lunch and Learn 60 mins)

Challenges in communication and teamwork naturally arise with our unique individuality. Relationships, however, are integral to business. The way you react, even internally, can make or break a deal. You’ll learn why your buttons get pushed and how to reverse the effect. This presentation is interactive and full of laughs.

“Jacquie Hermans, was a presenter at the Novotel North America 2011 Sales and Revenue Conference in February in Montreal. The entire group found the session to be one of the best we have experienced at the conference in many years. I would highly recommend Jacquie to anyone looking to not only have fun but to creating a better workplace and happier team members.”

Keith Mantesso
Director of Sales, Pricing and Revenue Management
, Novotel Canada


Health and Wellness

Jacquie can relate her presentations to stress-release, holistic health and happiness.  Your thoughts impact your holistic health, your relationships and create your reality.